start: Dec 2015
  end: Aug 2017
  title: Contact Representative
  location: Seattle Accounts Management
  description: "Assist customers to interpret account and make
  adjustments. Reference large body of procedural manuals."

  start: Feb 2015
  end: Nov 2015
  title: Temporary Staff
  location: UTemp Staffing
  description: "Answering student's questions regarding their balance,
  and 1098-T tax forms. Manually updating a volume of 1098-Ts."

  start: Jul 2010
  end: Feb 2015
  title: Private Tutor
  location: Self-Employed
  description: "Managed a tutoring business specializing in a wide
  variety of college level Math and Physics."

  start: Oct 2013
  end: Jun 2014
  title: Physics Tutor
  location: UW Instructional Center
  description: "Provided one-on-one tutoring in freshman- to
  junior-level physics, for students of both Health Sciences and
  Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity."

  start: Jan 2011
  end: Nov 2012
  title: Tutor and Exam Review
  location: UW Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment
  description: "Prepared material in freshman- to junior-level physics
  for lecture style Exam Review. Provided one-on-one floor tutoring in
  math and physics."

  start: Jul 2008
  end: Aug 2008
  title: Research Experience for Undergraduates
  location: University of Washington
  description: "Researched past papers on Inverse Problems on Discrete
  Network of Resistors. Expanded study from elliptic PDEs to include
  hyperbolic. Collaborated with TA to develop a draft."

  end: Jun 2010
  degree: "Bachelor's of Science"
  school: University of Washington
  gpa: GPA -- 3.62
  major: 'Major: Mathematics; Minor: Physics'

    Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Linear Analysis,
    Probability, Honors Advanced Calculus, Number Theory, Abstract
    Algebra, Real Analysis, Topology and Differential Geometry, Graduate
    Algebra, Graduate Topological and Smooth Manifolds, Thermal Physics,
    Electricity and Magnetism, Quantum Mechanics.
    BAVA Scholarship, National Science Foundation Scholarship
    and US SMART Grant

- exam: '6.00.2x: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science'
  date: Jan 2017
  proxy: edX/MITx
- exam: '6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python'
  date: Nov 2016
  proxy: edX/MITx
- exam: 'Models for Financial Economics Exam: SOA Exam MFE'
  date: Jul 2013
  proxy: Society of Actuaries
- exam: 'Financial Mathematics Exam: SOA Exam FM'
  date: Feb 2013
  proxy: Society of Actuaries
- exam: 'Probability Exam: SOA Exam P'
  date: Nov 2012
  proxy: Society of Actuaries
- exam: 'Access 2010: Exam 77-885'
  date: Sep 2012
  proxy: Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
- exam: 'Excel 2010 Expert: Exam 77-888'
  date: Sep 2012
  proxy: Microsoft Office Specialist Certification