What I use Emacs for

A large majority of what I use Emacs for is Org-mode.

  • Org-mode:
    • Notes
    • Productivity
    • Reference material
      • computing notes
      • contacts (transitioning to BBDB)
      • application info
    • Exporting
      • Publishing posts for Jekyll (→ HTML)
      • Plain text resume (→ ASCII)
      • Job notes (→ LaTeX → PDF)
      • Application info (→ LaTeX → PDF)
    • Mobileorg and org-mobile sync to phone
  • Gnus (email)
  • Todotxt
    A very lightweight productivity system I use to complement org-mode. A magnitude easier to sync with phone etc.
  • Various editing tasks:
    • website components such as html and css
    • configuration files
  • LaTeX editing
    • resume and cover letter
  • Learning to program
    • currently giving C a shot
  • w3m (text-based web browser)
    • because I find browsing Facebook in a modern browser a bit obnoxious

Things I’ve been meaning to start using in Emacs:

  • Weather
  • Social media apps (though I may try other apps to get a feel for these first)
    • Twitter
    • IRC